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What our clients have to say:

"Doug and Diane are exceptional. They have an almost uncanny ability to determine your personality and that of your customer, and exploit that understanding to your advantage. They consistently respond to your needs with a number of solutions, not just one; solutions which are unique, diverse and topical. I found myself wishing for an unlimited budget so that I could adopt two programs, rather than one, and in one instance, I did. Their concepts are thoroughly developed, and well supported with richly executed graphics and deftly worded headlines and phraseology. The final production and copy is even better. If this sounds too good to be true, then I have accurately represented their capabilities. I look forward to my next project with Doug and Diane."

Charles Meyer, President and CEO

"I have used the services of D&D for a number of years, both here and at previous companies. They have delivered big projects and little ones, sorted through thorny tactical problems and fuzzy strategic ones, worked with no help and with too much help, and always met even the most ridiculous deadlines. Their approach is thoughtful but also grounded in reality, their work creative but also strategically coherent. They are intelligent, experienced, insightful, and enthusiastic. I cannot recommend D&D too highly. "

Jim Airy, VP of Marketing

"Their creative solutions always surpass our expectations. And we always have high expectations."

Kathleen Holm, VP, Sales and Marketing.

The nicest thing about working with Doug & Diane is that I always get more than I ask for. I give the information they need to create a campaign in the form of a creative brief, which is written in rather dry business language. The creative concepts I get back always exceed my expectation. The hardest thing about working with Doug & Diane is having to select which of the creative concepts to go with. I find I often wish I could do them all."

Dennis Palmer, Marcom Manager

"Doug and Diane are remarkable in their ability to listen to my project goals, and come back with not one, but several excellent solutions for achieving them."

Diane Mueller, Manager, Marketing Communications.