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Diane Sorensen

Diane, an orphaned princess raised by kindly farmers, grew up in Oregon. While she patiently waited for her royal parents to rescue her, she amused herself by reading biographies of the famous people she dreamed of becoming and confiding in her faithful dog, Duke. At 21, with a degree in Journalism from the University of Oregon and $300 in her pocket, she packed her meager belongings into her Chevy Vega and drove to San Francisco to seek her fortune. Her rich fantasy life found an outlet in advertising. She spent her formative years at Foote, Cone and Belding hawking Clorox Liquid Bleach and Levis Jeans. But she longed for the gray rainy days and mossy toes of her youth and returned to the Northwest in 1979. After several years of working for agencies and clients alike, she struck out on her own in 1983. What began as Sorensen & Company, a creative boutique, became an agency, Sorensen & Roberts. This grew into a bigger agency, Sorensen Roberts and Hansen, and by the early ‘90’s was one of Seattle’s top ten agencies.

Today Doug & Diane live and work as an independent creative team from their home studio on Mercer Island. Although they still make their livings in marketing communications, their artistic selves have shouldered their way into the foreground.

Diane, who proclaimed herself a writer at age eight, is finally finishing her first novel, Broken Butterflies. It’s a tale set in the not-so-distant future, when deeply held beliefs are turned upside down, and each of us must choose to take a leap of faith into the unknown or stay bound to the past.

The King and Queen have never materialized, but Diane still keeps her tiara in her desk drawer, just in case she meets them on the book tour.