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Doug Hansen

In 1958, Doug's second-grade teacher chastised him for drawing outside the lines. "Once I recovered from the shock, I seem to recall a tingle of joy from doing the unexpected." Crayons and construction paper became pen and ink, which gave way to felt pens and layout pads, then computer, mouse and monitor. Some years later, brushes and oils emerged. Over the course of three decades, while immersed in the business of art, Doug Hansen has created countless print ad campaigns, directed television commercials, designed annual reports, and direct mail campaigns for some of the world’s largest corporations. During his richly textured career, he has made the transition from graphic designer to art director, from creative director to ad agency owner, all while pursing fine art as his true vocation.

Doug's years of art studies combined with his artisan skills have given rise to an inventive style (Natstracts) that integrates oils and organic elements in unexpectedly unique three-dimensional studies of nature. "It seems that the pressure of our fast moving culture becomes more and more oppressive everyday. My antidote to that stress has been relaxing walks through the wooded parks near my home. It's a marvelous way to decompress and reflect on our relationship with the world around us. I've tried to capture that peace of mind in my paintings." His artwork brings the serenity of nature indoors – portraying places of solitude and tranquility.

Doug Hansen holds degrees from the University of Washington and the Burnley School of Art. He has been a guest lecturer at the University of Washington and the University of Oregon. His work has been shown throughout the Northwest and is currently represented exclusively by The Bronze Coast Gallery in Cannon Beach, OR. He is a Northwest native who works in his home studio with his wife and their two artful (now adult) children, neither of whom stay within the lines.