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  Power to the creators ad  

Power to the creators.

Power to the seers,
the dreamers,
the unsung superheros
of entertainment.
3D artists and animators,
film makers and broadcasters.
Those who raise up sinking ships,
breathe life into monsters,
conjure up ghosts.
Those who have been humbled
by a thousand feet of fresh film
or the blank stare of a monitor.
Those with images
burning in their heads.
Whose ideas
are birthed in dark rooms,
in the dead of the night,
on the last smoke.
It is through you
we see into the future.
It is for you we strive
to make realism
ever more stunning,
motion ever more fluid.
At blinding, record-breaking speeds
on Windows NT®.
Our powerful TDZ™ and StudioZ™
graphics workstations
are built for you.

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