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Analog Fades to Black
FEBRUARY 17, 2009
Who will survive?

The FCC has set a hard deadline for broadcasters to switch from analog to digital delivery.

The analog to digital game is on!

Watch what happens as these five players battle it out in the fiercely competitive market. Who can they turn to for help? Who can they trust? NVISION is the #1 authority in analog to digital conversion and #1 in HD.

Download “Not all DTV is the same: DTV is a journey that most of us have not completed” and follow the game at:
You’ll also learn how we can help you mix and match NVISION routers, router control, master control and Synapse modular broadcast systems to customize a cost-effective configuration for your facility.

1-800-860-HDTV (4388)


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Director of Engineering,
15-station TV group
He’s got an ambitious vision – 100% digital and consolidating facilities – on a very fast track. Can he keep his promises to management, and his job?

General Manager, two public TV stations in middle America
She’s a 20-year broadcast pro, but no engineer. How will she design and spec the right system to convert to digital, and still leverage her legacy in analog?

Operations and Engineering Manager, independent station, top-50 market
A hands-on workaholic, he’s building his way to HD out of a mix of analog and SDI. How will he get there in little steps, without wasting any money along the way?

Chief Engineer, independently owned station, small market
Doubles as an engineer for the AM/FM radio stations. How will he move to digital on a micro-budget. Hint: he plans to exploit his suppliers.

VP of Engineering, major TV network
He led his network’s move to HD. Now it’s time for his 20 network-owned stations to convert to digital, but they can't agree on one set of suppliers. Who will see it JW’s way? Who gets axed?

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