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They come in peace to support powerful new Internet technologies.

Fantastic new online communities have arrived at Site Builder Network (SBN). Built around specific Internet technologies, these Online Special-Interest Groups (OSIGs) defy time and space to deliver fast, expert answers to your most difficult technical questions. Consult the gurus. Pick the brains of fellow developers who have real-life experience with the very issues you're facing.

The word is spreading, and members are gathering in ever-increasing numbers. Participate in one, two, or all five of SBN's incredible OSIGs: Microsoft® Windows® Media Technologies, Client Development, Server Development, Server Administration, and Commerce.


Startling OSIG revelation:
Developers work better when they get answers faster.

The OSIGs have come to help you. Armed only with incredible knowledge and technical expertise, OSIGs offer you more ways to get support for the exact Internet technologies you care about. Find answers fast – and most important – all in one place.

Newsgroups are an invaluable resource when you're trying to solve technical problems. Post a question and you're sure to set off a lively discussion with people who are using the same technologies as you. Odds are, you'll get an answer from someone who's already solved the problem you're having.

Try the new Web-based Newsreader – it's easy!
The new OSIG newsreader brings the power of the Web to newsgroups. With one convenient tool, you can now read and post to Microsoft newsgroups faster and easier than ever before.

Find the newsgroup you want quickly.
When you're trying to solve a problem, you don't have time to waste. In each OSIG, you’ll find a complete listing of the very best Microsoft newsgroups specific to your OSIG.

Get the right answers.
All Microsoft newsgroups are monitored weekly by industry experts to ensure that your questions are answered accurately and completely.

Search on subject.
The newsreader search functionality allows you to search the newsgroup subjects and headers for the topic you’re looking for so you can get answers fast!

Find other SBN members who are building Web-based solutions with Microsoft tools and technology. Members Helping Members is a searchable database that lets you quickly find developers with expertise in a particular area of Web-based development or with a particular tool.

Get valuable downloads, discounts, and other benefits, focused with laser-like accuracy on each OSIG.
You'll be amazed at all of the benefits you'll find inside each OSIG – benefits that relate directly to its specific topic or technology. With free downloads, you can experience what a particular technology has to offer. And use the free sample code to start implementing the technology solutions right away. You'll also get discounts on software, components, and technical publications such as selected titles from Computer Literacy and Ziff-Davis.

Come to OSIGs first when you’re looking for cutting-edge beta products for Internet development. Be the first to download them, the first to try them. Use the best new technologies from Microsoft and industry partners to propel your sites into the future.

Communicate with superior beings.
For close encounters with beings of superior knowledge, participate in an OSIG "Ask the Expert" chat session. Chats are hosted by special guests and Microsoft gurus such as Michael "DHTML Dude" Wallent. Go ahead, ask your most baffling questions. A schedule of "Ask the Expert" chats is posted weekly by time and topic. Check the OSIG home page at

Share Other-Worldly Experiences in the OSIG Gazette.
The OSIG Gazette is the Webzine exclusively for OSIGs.Participants write about their experiences, and share their opinions and expertise with other Web developers. You'll find advice, tips, and tricks that work in the real world. Anyone can read it, but only OSIG participants can write it.


Site Builder Network invites you to become part of the cyberworld of the five OSIGs. Choose the community that's right for your technology interests. Here's a sampling of what you'll find inside our premiere OSIG.

Windows Media Technologies OSIG: Our Streaming Media Developer Community.
Streaming media is exploding across the Internet galaxy, and this OSIG will keep you on the edge of tomorrow. Learn how to implement Windows Media Technologies from Microsoft and other Web professionals while sharing your own expertise with the streaming media community.


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